Fingers and Toes

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Bodywise is an OPI appointed salon
After reserching the professional nail industry, OPI was the natural choice for Bodywise.

  • OPI is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of professional hand, foot and nail care products.
  • Sold in over 103 countries worldwide
  • Sells over 55,000,000 bottles of lacquer and treatment each year which is a testament to the success and demand for the range
  • OPI is a manufacturer, they don’t make nail products for anyone else
  • Unprecedented research facilities in Hollywood, California ensuring OPI customers are the most up-to-date and innovative professionals worldwide
        24 product patents with numerous patents pending
  • Consistently awarded by press and industry for quality and professionalism of products OPI – is recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of professional hand, foot and nail care products
OPI Pro Spa Manicures
All manicures include nail and cuticle care along with a hand and arm massage. A variety of nail polish choices are available.

Express Manicure
In a rush, but still a need a quick way to de-stress? The OPI ProSpa Express Manicure is perfect. Featuring essential OPI ProSpa products and techniques in a condensed service that doesn’t sacrifice on a premiere experience.

Signature Manicure
Known as the “can’t live without” OPI ProSpa Signature Manicure service. You will experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage and acupressure. This signature experience puts the “Ahhh” back in Spa.

Pamper Manicure
Soothe, relax and indulge with the ultimate OPI ProSpa Pamper Manicure. The crème de la crème of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, moisture & protection, while reveling in a combination of massage techniques and acupressure designed to reduce stress and relieve tension.
OPI Pro Spa

Express Pedicure
Quick, effective and oh-so relaxing. This OPI ProSpa Express Pedicure features essential OPI ProSpa products to provide a spa pedicure experience without increasing service time.

Signature Pedicure
Experience a new standard in pedicure services. The OPI ProSpa Signature Pedicure includes OPI ProSpa products to soak, exfoliate and smooth callused feet. The service is completed with a regimen of massage and acupressure techniques to reduce stress and
relieve tension. 

Pamper Pedicure
Soothe, relax and pamper with the ultimate pedicure experience.
The OPI ProSpa Pamper Pedicure includes unparalleled callus softening, exfoliation, foot mask and moisture & protection. An extended massage combined with acupressure to reduce stress, relieve tension will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

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Minx are amazing nail foils for toes and fingers.  They are available in many patterns and effects and last for weeks...and weeks!
Minx £18.50    
 Add Minx to any Pedicure £14.00    

Callus Peel

This amazing treatment can transform feet!  The hardened skin is softened then can be easily peeled away with little effort.  Feet are moistured and results can be seen and felt instantly.

Callus Peel  £18.50   
Callus Peel with File and Polish on Toes £23.00   
Callus Peel with Minx £34.00